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Healing your 

New Tattoo

Tattoo after care instructions:

1. Wash your hands, Remove the bandage from your tattoo after about an hour

2. Clean your hands and then your tattoo with Liquid antibacterial soap

3. Gently pat dry

4. Apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor, Don't over do it! Apply as                needed for another 2 days (3 days total) 

5. Apply a scent and dye free lotion for the remainder of the 2 week  avg. healing time.  Coconut oil works good as well.


If you want to use a tattoo specific salve or ointment, go right ahead

if it was made for tattoos im sure it will be fine.

But I can not endorse the use of any specific brand since everyones skin reacts differently and I don't want to affiliate myself to any 

specific brands.


Keep it Clean

Keep it Moisturized

Keep it Forever

Tropical Leaves
Man with Tattoos


-your tattoo will take around 2 weeks to heal.

-sweat and movement may effect healing. 

-Stay out of pools, hot tubs, and saunas

-don't let people touch your brand new tattoo

-your tattoo will heal and your top layer of skin will peel and flake, dont be alarmed, its just the Dermis regenerating. 

-Over time as your tattoo heals and ages it will appear to get lighter.  This is because of our skins aging process and the effects of the Sun everyday of our lives.  

-the better you take care of your new tattoo the longer it will look good,  and age like fine wine. but inevitably we get old, our body changes and tattoos change with us...  


sunscreen will protect your tattoo, and you.

don't apply sunscreen to a fresh tattoo, wait until it is healed.    try and use the most natural ingredients

to protect yourself and your tattoo.  

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