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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

WEmail us or give us a call.  585-582-6175


     We try to accommodate the needs of our clients but sometimes we can not meet an individuals expectations by either lack of availability or the subject matter of what someone wants is not within our skillset or we believe the outcome will not meet expectations by the tattooer and client. 



    leave a detailed description of what you'd like done.  

      -subject matter (flowers, symbols, dragon, bird, etc.)

      -size, part of the body you want tattooed

      -what your expectations are for the finished tattoo.


     Scheduling is determined by each individual artist.  once a consult is done and deposit collected an appointment can be made.   

How much is a Tattoo?

     The price of your tattoo is determined by how much detail is in your tattoo which correlates to how long the tattoo will take.   Because of design, body placement, and an individuals skin, the time it takes to tattoo will vary.

we currently have an hourly rate that will vary from $200 - $250 an hour.  Price is individual per client per tattoo and will always change.   

I want a tattoo but I’m on a limited budget, what do i do?

     That's alll good! just let us know.  Our minimum price is $150, this is for one small symbol, one word, etc.  If your getting 2 small tattoos that would be $300...This is at the discretion of the Tattoo artist.  A specific artist may have a different minimum price, and that may fluctuate with availability or if it is a pre-drawn design or something custom drawn for you.   

What's the tattoo healing like?

     Tattoo healing will vary.  Depending on the amount of abrasion to the skin and also the placement of the tattoo while also taking into account the amount of movement the part of the body makes that got tattooed will effect the healing of the new tattoo.  

TATTOO TIP - for the first 3 days keep it clean and wear loose clothing, apply Aquaphor or A&D ointment for the first 3 days.

in small amounts (very very thin layer).   After the skin is less sensitive feel free to move to coconut oil, coco butter, or a non scented non medicated lotion for the following 2 weeks.

AVOID hot tubs, pools, excessive sweat, tight clothes, and keep it clean

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