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fine body art

  As we change, our perspective changes, and the marks on our bodies remind us of that time in space.  Whether its a touch up, cover up, small tattoo, or full arm sleeve, We will create something you will love and talk about. 

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-We are primarily appointment only-

Don't be afraid to call -585-582-6175

Open Hours

Sunday - closed
Monday - closed
Tuesday - Saturday -11am-6pm 

Contact Us

3 Mendon Ionia rd
Mendon , NY 14472



Thanks for submitting!

     In your message tell us what you would like tattooed.  This means, subject matter, objects, animals, flowers, words, etc.

Try to be as specific as possible. 

Our minimum price for a tattoo is $150 (small symbol)   

Hourly rate will vary from $175-$200 an hour.

pricing is at the discretion of the artist,

we reserve the right to refuse any work for any reason

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